How To Make Great Pictures

Do I need image stabilizers?

Basically it is recommended to use a tripod for your work. You don’t even have to spend money for this. In the internet, there are numerous craft instructions for improvised solutions with household items. For example, I became creative myself and quickly converted my telescopic speaker stand into a camera tripod. Also possible. But if you find all this too complicated or unprofessional, I recommend a look at the numerous models on the market. could be a starting point for your research. If you are interested, you will find here a small square with an arrow pointing up on the right. a product overview, which I have limited to the models with the highest star ratings in the range from 10 to 100 Euros

Additionally there is the possibility to use image stabilizers. These are either present in the camera, which however usually does not function so well, since they “cheat” themselves over higher ISO values image stabilization at the expense of the quality. Or you can buy a lens with a built-in function for your SLR camera. This can have a very positive effect on the results of product photography, but at the same time it can unfortunately also have a very negative effect on your account balance. From my own experience I recommend to make a good tripod or to buy one. Also the tip: If your camera has a self-timer, use it. This also minimizes the risk of camera shake.

What role do macro functions play?

Macro and close-up shots play an extremely important role in product photography. The macro function of a camera can be used to highlight the qualities and details of objects. This is essential when selling on the Internet. Show your products from different directions and angles. Emphasize special features with close-up shots. This increases your sales opportunities considerably.

For example, I have highlighted some of the paper structure and color properties of the images in the shots for our shop – here is a concrete example: “Over the Ocean”. All cameras now have a macro mode. Special macro lenses are also available for SLR cameras.

Which zoom do I need?

Generally speaking, you should look for a camera with at least 3 to 5x optical zoom so that you can work flexibly with your product photography. Nowadays, almost all entry-level cameras do. However, the word optical is decisive here. Because with this variant you achieve significantly better results than with the digital zooms offered by many manufacturers. For example, it can sometimes be quite appropriate to increase the distance to the product in order to achieve various effects using optical zoom. This can make the results of your product more interesting.

Do I need a display?

The biggest advantage of a display is certainly that you can check images immediately at the point of capture. However, it should have a corresponding size and luminosity. So you can basically see everything well on it – especially in strong sunshine. When shooting in strong sunlight, a viewfinder on the camera can also help. If your model has both, display and viewfinder, this gives you more flexibility.

What ISO values must the camera have?

The ISO value tells you how sensitive the camera’s image sensor is to light. The higher the ISO value, the better you can work under poor lighting conditions. However, this should not be a decisive factor in product photography. In general, you should always illuminate your products very well for photography. This is also possible in the home studio without problems. More about this below. ISO values above 800 should therefore not be required.