Art & Culture at the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea with its variety of natural beauties as well as the vastness of the landscape and the sea have fascinated artists, craftsmen and writers since early times.

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Famous, but also many simple artists live in the region and let themselves be inspired daily by new things. Here you will find the peace and relaxation that are so important for your work, whether you spend your holiday in a holiday apartment, a campsite or a hotel. This and above all her skill and skill are reflected in many pictures, texts and other works.

Some artists, who live on lonely farms, abandoned houses or old manors and practise their art, offer the visitors the possibility to visit their works or to try their hand at artistic creation. With its original charm, the Baltic Sea is a unique backdrop for art and cultural events of all kinds. Old buildings and ruins, gigantic cathedrals, castles and romantic parks offer successful scenery for concerts, festivals or theatre performances. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a few of them too.

Exhibitions, museums and numerous lectures tell of the beautiful but often very hard life on the coast. Customs and traditions are still alive and well. Important buildings and monuments bear witness to the unimaginable creative power of the people on the Baltic Sea and tell about its history.

  • The Baltic Sea has always been an intermediary for the exchange of culture and goods between Eastern Europe, Northern Europe and Central Europe.
  • The main ports that have emerged over the centuries are Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm, Kiel, Lübeck, Rostock, Stettin, Gdynia, Gdynia, Königsberg, Riga and St. Petersburg.

Again and again there have been heavy storm surges on the coast, some of which also attack the coastline and especially the islands. Some islands were formed after heavy storm surges. And also today these are still changed by the tides, thus the change between ebb tide and high tide, in their appearance. The people at the Baltic Sea have been shaped by these catastrophes and have great respect for the violence of nature.