What type of camera?

If you attach importance to simple operation, automation and small size, then this speaks rather for the purchase of a compact camera. Although these are somewhat less flexible, as they usually only allow a few manual adjustments and only rarely the use of different lenses, they are also often very inexpensive. Useable models are already available from approx. 80 Euro.

Usually larger, heavier and on average significantly more expensive, are SLR cameras. This type of camera is more suitable for professional product photography and has some advantages over compact cameras in general. This includes, for example, that the settings can be changed extensively manually. In addition, there are usually a lot of accessories. And flash and lens can be exchanged. Among the SLR cameras, there are also models that release much faster and have comprehensive serial image functions. Put simply: you can do more with this type of camera than with compact cameras.

If you’d like to go even further into this subject, this article might be of interest to you: Amazon Guide SLR CamerasSmall square with arrow pointing up right. I take my own product photographs with a predecessor model of the Canon EOS 700D. Small square with arrow pointing up right. and can only recommend this model series. It is easy to use and takes accurate pictures. But SLR cameras also have their price, as I said. The five best-selling models with a lens on Amazon.de, for example, range in price from approx.

What resolution do I need for my product photography?

It’s really amazing how rapidly the number of possible megapixels from digital cameras has increased in recent years. But do you really need a camera with 24 or more megapixels to get even good product photography? In my opinion, not really. A camera with more megapixels doesn’t automatically take better photos. Technically, more megapixels have the advantage that you can print pictures in larger formats without any loss in quality.

The ever-increasing numbers on the packaging benefit product marketing in particular. Of course, everyone has to check for themselves what they need. But as a rough orientation: From approx. 5 megapixels you can print your pictures with very high quality in DIN A4 format. From approx. 5 to 12 megapixels, depending on the camera, it should be enough for good to very good printouts in A3 format. If this is enough for you, or if you only want to publish online anyway, you can hit a model within this range without any problems.